NM Group can provide the following engineering services to the power sector:
  • Highly experienced electrical and structural engineers (over 25 years industry experience)
  • M1 and M4 modelling expertise
  • Thermal constraint identification and remediation options
  • Thermal up-rating studies
  • Tower spotting and alignment study to reduce bill of quantities of steel
  • Tower/pole inspections, both (IR/UV) and visual inspections
  • PLS-CADD™-approved solutions provider

Some examples are shown below:


  • M4 lattice tower modelling overview
    We have the experience to model and analyse towers to suit a wide number of international codes, for example ECCS, Cenelec and ASCE10.Using CADD we will analyse weather loading and structural loading scenarios in order to test for failing members. This allows us to provide engineering recommendations on the optimal tower configuration – ensuring structural stability and network reliability.Tower Model from GAD2
    • Reverse engineering M4 models
      Our unique combination of utility knowledge and LiDAR capability enables us to conduct M4 modelling from technical drawings in order to reverse engineer the tower model. When general arrangement or other technical drawings don’t exist we can utilise LiDAR data to provide the tower geometry.We can provide a detailed 3D asset library, even when technical drawings are not available.2
      • Tower member loading assessments when attaching additional components
        We are able to analyse the structural stability of lattice tower members when attaching telecoms componentry such as antennae. We use CADD analysis to understand the structural impact of adding telecommunication components.Our analysis ensures tower and network reliability are not compromised by these modifications.Architect on construction side
        • Loading when changing conductor systems
          Where the required electrical load transfer capacity cannot be accommodated by the existing conductor system, we can report on re-conductoring options.Within the computer environment we can assess the range of conductor systems and determine any strain on tower members that may result from the increased stress.We can design suitable bracing for structural support and provide a schedule of Cost vs Ampacity for each proposed installation; delivering a solution that best meets the project needs.
          • Tower and pole inspections
            NM Group provides detailed line and structure inspection and reporting for both transmission and distribution networks. This service combines a unique blend of aerial and ground based data collection, engineering knowledge and the use of asset reporting software.Our inspection service will increase safety and reliability by identifying IR hotspots, potential electrical weakness and visibly failing components. Find out more by clicking here.Electricity fault 10_v2


          To find out more about the engineering services, contact us to speak to a member of the team