• Vegetation risk management

    We use a combination of satellite imagery and aerial LiDAR to intelligently map vegetation along the road/highway. A network map is produced using satellite imagery, along with the vegetation proximity to the corridor. This map is then used to produce a flight plan that only includes the areas posing a potential threat to the route.

    Once we have flown the route we can then use the survey data and produce a model to identify infringements under any weather scenario, which can then be used to devise and direct a cutting schedule.



  • New road/highway routing

    We provide a flexible, quantitative and cost-effective methodology to support the earliest design phases for new roads/highways. Route options are repeatedly narrowed down, ensuring optimal alignment and, ultimately, an accurate, reliable, and cost effective final design. Our technology has the ability to penetrate the vegetation, providing a Bare Earth DTM for alignment design, volumetric calculations and drainage analysis.

    We identify the most appropriate macro and micro corridor routes based on quantitative data weighted by the appropriate factors. Six major layers are required to numerically populate the area for the initial macro-corridor routing which are weighted according to the manager’s requirements. Once one or more preferred routing options have been identified, the routes are narrowed down to a 46 m/150 ft size to pinpoint the most appropriate horizontal alignment.

    Once one or more of the favored micro routes have been identified, a LiDAR/ PLS-CADD™ workflow is used to design the detailed horizontal and vertical alignment for a chosen route, reducing Bill of Quantities costs.


  • As-built survey of existing roads and highways

    We use both LiDAR and conventional survey techniques to produce highly dense and accurate datasets for use in the rehabilitation and upgrade of roads and highways, as well as maintenance programs. Applications include;

    • Rehabilitation of existing road and highway alignments
    • The upgrade, such as dualization, of existing roads and highways
    • Noise assessment studies to aid compliance with EU Directive 2002/49/EC
    • Asset inventory surveys
    • Slope stability analysis



To find out more about the services NM Group provide for roads and highways please contact us to talk to a member of our experienced staff.