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Are you left feeling frustrated because your helicopter safety patrol missed critical defects?

Spending more money than you need to, performing multiple survey flights throughout the year?

Would you like the confidence that your maintenance schedules are correctly prioritised?

Worried you aren’t meeting statutory regulation when assessing vegetation?


If you’re answering YES to these questions, let us introduce Patrol+


We are confident we can help your business today.


Applying the latest technology and our unique interpretation tools, our low-cost high-value approach acquires significantly more asset information to be obtained without affecting your existing patrol.



Patrol+ combines the following services:


1) High resolution imagery of every asset and a comprehensive defect inspection

  • Identify and geo-locates every defect
  • Prioritise any safety defects found on the line or corridor
  • Provide accurate locations for all structures for updating system records
  • IR and UV inspections can be included to maximise the value from a flight
  • Create defect information as a report or for integration with your existing GIS/Asset management system

2) Objective corridor vegetation report using a lightweight LiDAR scanner

  • Rapid vegetation analysis provides clearance data to conductors
  • The application of LiDAR can reduce total vegetation management spend by 20%-40%
  • Client specific reporting ensures the data is actionable
  • Vegetation reports ready to integrate with your existing GIS system or to populate work orders
  • Ground clearance and structural defect analysis can be provided at the same time

To find out more about how you can get more value from your existing helicopter patrols please register your interest in one of our webinars or contact us.