• Services for new mines

    We provide detailed mapping and design assistance for infrastructure that supports mine sites. We can produce bare-earth digital terrain models for the purpose of aligning infrastructure for new extraction projects. The DTM provides detailed information on the hydrographic networks at the site, drift deposits and other concealed topographical information. This information can then be integrated into our design and routing methodology.

    We use a quantitative and cost-effective design and routing methodology to support the earliest planning phases for infrastructure supporting mine sites. Route options are repeatedly narrowed down, ensuring optimal alignment and, ultimately, an accurate, reliable, and cost effective final design. Six major layers are required to numerically populate the area for the initial macro-corridor routing which are weighted according to the manager’s requirements. Once preferred routing options have been identified, the most appropriate horizontal alignment is defined in the micro routing stage. The favored micro routes are then surveyed and modelled using a LiDAR/ PLS-CADD™ workflow to design the detailed horizontal and vertical alignment for a chosen route.

    Our project workflow allows development to take place on much shorter timescales, reduces costs and improves efficiency.


  • Services for existing mines

    We utilize our advanced mapping technology to provide detailed information for use in maintenance and hazard detection projects. This information can then be utilized to provide volumetric calculations of extraction areas and stockpiles, drainage analysis, flood analysis and safety plans of the site.

    Terrestrial scanning of mining assets

    Our terrestrial scanning equipment can be used to produce detailed as-built 3D models of existing mining assets, such as mine head structures. Detailed CAD-ready models with a range of outputs can be generated for complex plants, delivering efficiency for plant refurbishment and upgrade.


    Hazard monitoring

    As-built surveys of above-ground assets allow us to monitor any potential hazards effectively. Our LiDAR systems can be used to model structural geology, run-off maps and slope analysis. This allows areas of movement and deformation to be quantitatively mapped to verify insurance claims and risk maps produced for insurance premiums.

    As-built aerial surveys

    We use aerial LiDAR to produce highly dense and accurate datasets for use in the rehabilitation and upgrade of mines, as well as maintenance programs. This data can be uploaded into multiple modelling and processing programs to produce:

    • Digital Terrain Models for drift analysis and overburden estimates
    • Contour maps
    • Orthorectified photography
    • Volumetric surveys
    • Watershed and drainage analysis.
    • Stockpile analysis
    • Subsidence detection and reporting

    We can survey hazardous and forested areas, removing risk to staff and improving quality, expediting timescales and reducing end-to-end costs.



Our experienced team stand ready to discuss your project with you and will design a program that fits with your existing systems and workflows. Please contact us for a discussion.