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Vegetation risk management

To mitigate threats to line safety and reliability posed by vegetation.

Distribution utility services

Our LiDAR analytics service designed for distribution applications


Asset renew and refresh of right of way.

Thermal ratings confirmation

To ensure the safety and reliability of line operation.

Line up-rating

To increase electrical load transfer capacity and revenue.

Condition inspection and line patrol

To identify and remediate asset maintenance issues.

Conductor clashing

To detect and resolve clashing to reduce safety issues such as forest fires.

Powerline engineering services

Comprehensive engineering services.

New powerline routing services

Detailed engineering design and post construction thermal ratings confirmation.


Detailed engineering models of substations and 3D visualization.

Patrol+ – Combined vegetation and asset inspection

Clear high resolution image of every structure during flight.

Defect reporting to your existing defect list using experienced technicians.

Rapid LiDAR based vegetation analysis provides objective clearance data.

Vegetation encroachments/infringement reporting.

Customized reporting and integration with your GIS/asset management system.

Caydence® – 3D asset management platform for power utilities

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