• Electricity transmission & distribution

    NM Group provide services that enable asset managers to optimise their network including overhead lines and substations and deliver utilisation, safety and reliability benefits. We provide macro routing and detailed engineering work for new lines, to deliver a route and design that best considers the trade-off between cost, performance and socio-environmental factors.

    For an overview of NM Groups electricity transmission services please visit our Youtube channel


    For more infomration click here to read about our capabilities for the power sector.

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  • Railways

    NM Group provide services that can be used for reliability and safety assessment and enhancement, as well as a solution for quantitatively establishing a route for new lines that encompasses all the significant socio-environmental factors, whilst minimising costs.

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    For an overview of the services NM Group provide to the rail sector why not take a look at our railways flyer

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  • Oil, gas and chemicals

    We provide a detailed mapping service for existing and proposed oil and gas transmission pipelines including the generation of pipeline alignment sheets and intelligent PIG correction to help asset owners improve the operations of their lines. For new lines, we can also provide design support for macro routing. For complex plant, we produce detailed engineering models for asset management and engineering.

    Oil and gas flyer homepage

    For more infomration on the services we provide for this sector, click here to view our flyer.

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  • Roads and highways

    Our roads and highways services include the production of CAD-ready mapping products for use in rehabilitation and new road schemes. For new roads, we also provide support with macro routing through a quantitative workflow. We offer several intelligent analysis services for existing roads.

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  • Mining

    For the mining sector, NM Group provide volumetric analysis, drainage analysis, flood analysis and mine plans. For new mine sites, we can provide detailed mapping and design assistance for infrastructure that supporting mine sites, and have completed several projects in remote and hazardous areas. Detailed CAD-ready models can be generated for complex plant delivering efficiency for plant refurbishment and upgrade.

    Find out more about our involvement in the mining sector by reading one of our case studies

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  • Environmental

    Our services have been applied extensively throughout the environmental sector. For example, floodplain mapping and analysis, dam placement and design, water transmission and distribution planning and engineering, and view verification for proposed infrastructure.

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  • Heritage

    NM Group provide bare earth models for archaeological prospection and landscape analysis. We also provide detailed models for preservation and restorations works using non-invasive techniques.


    For more information take a look at one of our heritage case studies

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  • Forestry
    NM Group provide intelligent forestry products including bare earth Digital Terrain Models, canopy models, volume estimates and crown counts.
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